Protecting trees and forests


Emerald ash borer (EAB) and other damaging insects move far greater distance by human-assisted transport than the insects move on their own. One of the most common paths of movement is in firewood.

The state of New Hampshire implemented a firewood quarantine in 2011 to prevent the arrival of damaging insects by prohibiting uncertified firewood from entering the state. Read about this out-of-state firewood quarantine.

The state of New Hampshire recommends that you consider the potential impacts of moving firewood and that you practice safe firewood transportation behaviors, including:

  1. Use locally-sourced firewood—buy it where you burn it.
  2. Separate ash firewood and use it within 5 miles of its location of harvest OR season on-site for at least a year before transporting it.
  3. Only transport the firewood that you will use in a single visit or home-heating season. Remaining firewood gives pest insects a greater opportunity to emerge and infest an area.

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