Protecting trees and forests

Caring for ash trees and managing forests

Ash Treatment Options

Find a licensed pesticide applicator to treat your ash trees.

Find a certified arborist to prune, care for or remove your ash trees.

Tree Work Contract

Selecting Trees for EAB Treatments

Long term management of emerald ash borer in New Hampshire involves actions by homeowners, forest landowners, communities, and state and federal agencies, including:

  1. Management by homeowners, forest landowners, communities and others.
  2. Management of emerald ash borer (EAB) populations and ash trees by state agencies.
  3. Regulation and the enforcement of quarantines by the N.H. Dept. of Agriculture, the N.H. Division of Forests and Lands and USDA Animal and Plant Health Inpsection Service.
  4. Outreach and public education by UNH Cooperative Extension and others.
Find Your Zone

Map of managment zones (10/5/2016)

Map of Ash Distribution

Map of ash distribution - zoom in to see better detail.