Protecting trees and forests


Merrimack County

Emerald ash borer (EAB) and other damaging insects move far greater distance by human-assisted transport than the insects move on their own. One of the most common paths of movement is in firewood. Ten years ago, we never would have guessed that firewood would spread the most destructive non-native pest in the northeast forests, but here we are today with emerald ash borer in a 24 square mile area centered on New Hampshire's Capitol City, Concord.

The State of New Hampshire implemented a firewood quarantine in 2011 to prevent the arrival of damaging insects by prohibiting uncertified firewood from entering the state and in May implemented a quarantine of all hardwood firewood, ash wood-products and all ash nursery stock in Merrimack County.

Merrimack County is a large county and though the Merrimack County quarantine allows for the movement of firewood within the entire county, using ash firewood as locally as possible is a voluntary method to minimize the spread of EAB within the county and beyond.

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