Protecting trees and forests

Tree of Heaven and Spotted Lanternfly

Tree of Heaven (ToH) is a prohibited invasive plant in New Hampshire and a preferred host for spotted lanternfly. ToH cans be used monitor for spotted lanternfly—if you see ToH, look for spotted lanternfly.

ToH has limited distribution within New Hampshire and managing it can reduce spotted lanternfly establishment and distribution by:

  1. Using it to monitor for spotted lanternfly.
  2. Treating with insecticides to control spotted lanternfly.
  3. Or treating with herbicides to reduce proliferation of spotted lanternfly.

State agencies, municipalities, and private companies are working to identify and manage ToH in New Hampshire. 

You can help by:

  1. Learning to identify Tree of Heaven or view WMUR-TV Grow it Green aired 10/22/2019
  2. Reporting ToH to EDDMapS using the smartphone app or on your computer. Reports will be confirmed by the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food.
  3. Working with an arborist to treat and remove ToH. Tree of Heaven is a fast-growing highly persistent tree and challenging to kill. Removal includes herbicide application prior to removal and needs to be done with care to prevent its regeneration and spread..

Flat, twisted, winged fruits each containing a single central seed, in late summer to early fall, and may persist through winter.

Leaves resemble sumac.

Flowers emerge early summer.

Leaflets are not serrated, but have a "thumb" at the base.

Mostly found in urban and suburban areas.

Upright form tends to have very linear growth, with long internodes and upward inclined branches, somewhat similar to ash species.