Protecting trees and forests

Prohibited Firewood

From out-of-state:

All firewood of out-of-state origin is prohibited from the State of New Hampshire unless it is labeled as certified heat-treated to 140°F (60°C) for 60 minutes. Untreated out-of-state firewood may only be moved into New Hampshire under compliance agreement and to a certified heat-treatment kiln or similar facility that will mitigate the pest risk associated with the transportation and storage of the firewood. Firewood originating in New Hampshire but transported out-of-state for processing may be eligible for a compliance agreement to move the material back into New Hampshire if origin can be documented, and identity and security of New Hampshire-origin firewood is maintained in the processing yard.

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and many other states have restrictions on moving firewood. Federal restrictions may apply depending on origin of firewood. For more information, visit www.dontmovefirewood.org.

Recommendations for firewood movement within New Hampshire:
  • Use locally-sourced firewood—buy it where you burn it!
  • Buy or gather firewood near your destination, and only what you will use on your trip.
  • When you buy firewood locally, get a receipt.
  • Burn all firewood to completion before you leave; don't take it to your next destination or leave it for the next person.
  • Tell your friends about the risks of traveling with firewood– no one wants to be responsible for starting a new pest infestation.